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Art Books: A Collector’s Bookshelf Part Four

VoCA contributor and artist book collector Bill Clarke is back with a third installment from his collection, this time of books that take the form of exhibition catalogues. Check out parts one and two HERE and HERE, and part three, below. “Recent Snow”: Michael Snow That/Cela/Dat, 2000. Image:

Pointlessness and Relevance in Art

At first glance, you can’t help but wonder about the point of it all. A group of artists travel to the world’s biggest art party to…well, party, paddle around in canoes, drink lots of prosecco and generally live it up in a rambling palazzo. Oh yes, and make whatever ‘art’ takes their fancy. The Canadian off-pavilion contribution, Reverse Pedagogy, was
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Branded Culture: The Abu Dhabi Louvre

France sells the Louvre’s illustrious name to the UAE for $555 million as Abu Dhabi begins construction on the Jean Nouvel designed museum. Jean Nouvel’s design for the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Image: Read Carol Vogel’s article in today’s New York Times, HERE. Despite the fact that France may have prostituted herself, the curator’s mandate is to create a
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