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Daniel Barrow: 2013 Glenfiddich Prize Winner

Winnipeg-born, Montreal-based visual and performance artist Daniel Barrow, winner of the 2010 Sobey Art Award, was recently awarded the coveted 2013 Glenfiddich Artist-in-Residence Prize, valued at over $20,000. VoCA contributor Catherine Toews had a chance to speak with Barrow via e-mail and he was kind enough to share his plans for the residency, insight into his creative process, and advice
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What Will the Future Hold for Toronto’s Beleaguered McMichael Gallery?

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection – famous for its works by members of the Group of Seven – has hired Dr. Victoria Dickenson as it’s new Executive Director and CEO as well as President of the McMichael Canadian Art Foundation. Lawren Harris, Afternoon sun, Lake Superior. Image: Ms. Dickenson comes fresh from 18 months at the Canadian Museum of
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Steven Shearer at the Venice Biennale: Details

So, Vancouver artist Steven Shearer will represent Canada at this year’s Venice Biennale, which opens June 4 and continues until November 27, 2011. Steven Shearer, Nash, 2005. Image: Torontonians might recall an exhibition of Shearer’s work at the Power Plant in 2007, which I believe was curated by former Power Plant curator Helena Reckitt (now critic/curator in residence at
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I just got a press release from, a newly launched website that bills itself as “a game changer”. Image: VoCA The idea, conceived by two friends, Merete Kristiansen and Kate Barron of Vancouver, is to provide “an innovative and comprehensive guide to the Canadian art world”, by hosting free profiles of artists, galleries and related events.I hope that they
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Loved: Hahn / Cock by Katharina Fritsch

I love this proposal by German artist Katharina Fritsch for London’s Fourth Plinth. I love that it appears to be in International Klein Blue, which I blogged about a while ago. Katharina Fritsch, Hahn / Cock. Image: As you probably know, the empty plinth has been a site for artistic proposals over the past few years, including Rachel Whiteread,
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Inside the Artist’s Studio: Kent Monkman

Check out my piece on artist Kent Monkman’s home and studio in the current issue of Design Lines magazine. The studio, a former factory, was re-done by Jason Halter of boutique design firm Wonder Inc. You know Monkman for his traditionally painted landscapes into which he inserts contemporary figures of First Nations people, often doing rather unconventional things… Kent Monkman,
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Jean Cocteau on Harmony

“L’harmonie, c’est la conciliation des contraires et pas l’ecrasement des differences” – Jean Cocteau We just came across this quote.  Harmony is the reconciliation of opposites and not the squashing of differences. It’s a good thing to remember. Jean Cocteau. Image: There’s more on the poet, writer, filmmaker, ballet and opera designer and painter. HERE.

Jeff Wall and Old Masters

Click HERE for a questionnaire with Vancouver artist Jeff Wall in this month’s issue of Frieze magazine. “I get so much from looking at great works, but some days – or even some months – I get more from not looking at them. You experience the art also by being away from it and not seeing it.” – Jeff Wall
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The VAG move: Roy Arden Responds

There’s a brou-ha-ha brewing in Vancouver over the Vancouver Art Gallery’s proposed move. Some Vancouverites have suggested that the VAG should not move, but instead remain – with an expansion – in its downtown location. The VAG. Image: Earlier this month, the Vancouver Sun posted an article written by the late Abraham Rogatnick, a professor at the school of
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A Debut Feature Art Film: You Are Here

So last week, we accepted an invitation to the “Cast and Crew” screening of artist Daniel Cockburn’s debut feature film, You Are Here at the Royal cinema in Toronto. All images stills from You Are Here. All courtesy Daniel Cockburn. Cockburn has, since about 2000, been at the top of VoCA’s list of ‘Most Promising Young Artists.’ He works in
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