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Art Star: Sarah Robayo Sheridan in Flare Magazine

Flare Magazine, a Canadian fashion mag, has been increasing the art related content in its pages. Following the lead of other publications, under the watch of new editor Cameron Williamson, it has developed a monthly piece called ‘Art Star’, which profiles a ‘mover and shaker’ in the art world who also happens to have interesting personal style. I wrote the
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VoCA Loves…Christie Blatchford

Charles Pachter, The Painted Flag, 1981. Image: Food for thought by Ms. Blatchford from a recent issue of the Globe and Mail… “…Artists, while precious and important to the nation, are not fragile and ought not to be infantilized. They don’t need coddling and protection from government; they don’t need their work to be judged only kindly or only
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News: Canada’s Anti-Harper Department of Culture sees results

There are 5 days to go until the election…. [youtube]h1jOczj7Mmo[/youtube] The Toronto Star says: As Tuesday’s election looms, artists across Canada have a message for culture lovers: Don’t get mad, get Stephen. Read the rest of the article HERE On, Johnnie Walker writes: “In retaliation against the positively terrifying notion of a Conservative majority government, groups like Vote For
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VoCA Loves…Margaret Atwood

Please, please read the full article that Ms. Atwood – the queen of Canada’s literary scene – wrote in yesterday’s Globe and Mail about the Conservative government’s cuts to the arts. Here’s an excerpt: “Tuesday, (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) told us that some group called “ordinary people” didn’t care about something called “the arts.” His idea of “the arts” is
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