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The Rise (and Rise) of Yves Klein Blue

A quick note to say that I feel sort of vindicated. Back in March 2010, I wrote THIS post predicting the rise of International Klein Blue – that fabulous deep blue invented and patented by the late, great artist Yves Klein. Yves Klein, Petite Vénus Bleue, 1956 Image: And so it went…that bright blue was suddenly everywhere from J.Crew
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I just got a press release from, a newly launched website that bills itself as “a game changer”. Image: VoCA The idea, conceived by two friends, Merete Kristiansen and Kate Barron of Vancouver, is to provide “an innovative and comprehensive guide to the Canadian art world”, by hosting free profiles of artists, galleries and related events.I hope that they
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Lady Gaga dons Jana Sterbak’s Flesh Dress

Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Image: Well, ok not exactly. But Lady Gaga definitely channels Montreal artist Jana Sterbak, who made a huge splash when her piece Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic (1987) was first displayed at the National Gallery of Canada. The Vogue cover was shot – big surprise – by fashion provocateur Terry Richardson and styled
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Art at Toronto International Film Fest!

The Toronto International Film Festival opens on September 9 and goes until the 19th. An image by artist Douglas Gordon. Image: This year, the buzz is bigger than ever, with TIFF’s new building downtown that is sure revitalize King Street near John. The small, old-Toronto style strip of buildings opposite, which house mostly touristy restaurants, have become TIFF’s poor
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Six Degrees of…Lord Beaverbrook

“Maximillian?…No, Maximultimillion” is the response attributed to Lord Beaverbrook, a.k.a Max Aitken, when he was once asked his name.  It gives you a sense of the grandeur with which the Canadian media baron must have swirled about London social circles in the early 20th century. Lord Beaverbrook. Image: I noticed, the other day in the Art Newspaper, THIS article
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News: Toronto Arts Community Sets up Department of Culture

The OLD Canadian twenty dollar bill. Image: Did you know that if you look at the NEW Canadian twenty dollar bill – you’ll need a magnifying glass – you will read the following quote by French-Canadian author Gabrielle Roy (1908 – 1983): Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts? Nous connaitrions-nous seulement un peu
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News: Liberal leader Stephane Dion Responds to Arts Cuts

Liberal leader Stephane Dion – a man who understands the importance of culture..we hope. Image: Liberal party leader Stephane Dion has finally responded to the unbelievable Conservative party cuts to cultural programs: “Harper seems to not understand that we need to be stimulating those programs. We must encourage different arts and culture…”

The Cuts Continue to Canadian Cultural Programs

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the latest on the Canadian culture cuts – from today’s Globe and Mail: “The Tories are committed to cutting $44.8-million in spending on arts and culture by April of 2010…” Click HERE for an article that basically amounts to a long list of cultural programs to be cut. Yesterday, VoCA spoke
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