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Art Star: Sarah Robayo Sheridan in Flare Magazine

Flare Magazine, a Canadian fashion mag, has been increasing the art related content in its pages. Following the lead of other publications, under the watch of new editor Cameron Williamson, it has developed a monthly piece called ‘Art Star’, which profiles a ‘mover and shaker’ in the art world who also happens to have interesting personal style. I wrote the
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Fashion’s here but where’s the art? The AGO’s Massive Party, Toronto

If last night’s sold-out Massive Party, the Art Gallery of Ontario’s annual fundraiser, is anything to go by, fashion is most definitely the new art. The Marchesa. Image: A Massive Party-goer. Image: VoCA This year’s theme was the slightly obscure Marchesa Luisa Casati, the celebrated Italian arts patron of the early 20th century. And at one point in the
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Fashion, Art: It’s all about Denis Gagnon

Is fashion art? Or ‘only’ craft? The Montreal fashion designer Denis Gagnon. Image: It’s a discussion that comes up every once in a while, usually when an exceptionally talented fashion designer comes onto the scene. And it presumes that craft is somehow lesser than fine art. But I don’t think it’s any less relevant or important, it is just
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VoCA Loves…Morales

However you define fashion, there’s no denying that Montreal designer Renata Morales is an artist – and it’s certain that Canada has very few of whom one can say that. A look from Morales’ spectacular Spring 2009 show. Image: Yoshitomo Nara, Guitar Girl, 2003. Image: