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VoCA Recommends…4 women painters in Kingston, Ontario

Soft Abs November 08 – December 06, 2008 Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston Ontario Sizzle Reel, Melanie Authier, 2008. Image: VoCA contributor Catherine Toews reports on a painting show in Kingston: The most surprising thing about Soft Abs, currently on display at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is the lack of large abstract paintings on canvas in the main room
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VoCA Recommends…Andrew Rucklidge and Rudolf Bikkers, Toronto

There’s an odd relationship between the mixed media work of Rudolf Bikkers and Andrew Rucklidge‘s paintings, both currently on view in Toronto at Craig Scott Gallery and Christopher Cutts Gallery, respectively. Andrew Rucklidge, Falls, coloured, 2006. Image: Both artists make strikingly original works that refer back to art historical precedents while they also move forward into uncharted territory.

VoCA Recommends…Performance at Pavilion Projects, Montreal and Holger Kalberg, Toronto

1. Justice Yeldham, Christof Migone, Just’Au Crâne and DJ Debbie Wayne at Pavilion Projects, Montreal Tuesday February 26th 2008 at ZOOBIZARRE Doors 8pm, Admission: $5 – $8