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Art collecting: The Strong vs. the Weak

This Thursday, Art Basel Miami Beach gets under way, as do the vast number of alternate fairs, and the entire design section that has emerged as a compliment to all the art. It remains to be seen what the effects of the economic downturn will have on the fairs – and the hype. Stay tuned. Tim Noble and Sue Webster,
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VoCA Applauds….Brian Sholis on Brian Jungen in Art Forum.

“What separates true artistic development from mere rehashing?” asks Artforum’s Brian Sholis in his review of Canadian art star Brian Jungen’s new show at Casey Kaplan in New York. Artist Brian Jungen. Image: “Some artists focus exclusively upon a narrow set of concerns but manage to find nuanced and varied expressions of them. Jungen, though formally creative, seems to
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NEWS: Vancouver Collector to open Private Museum

In a move perhaps inspired by the spate of American, European and Chinese collectors opening up their own spaces, the dashing Canadian collector Bob Rennie will open his own private museum to showcase his collection of contemporary art. Collector Bob Rennie. Image: