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A Visit with Jason McLean, Toronto

VoCA paid a visit to the home and studio of artist Jason McLean last week. It was a wonderful glimpse inside a truly honest artistic mind. McLean was raised in London Ontario, moved to Vancouver where he attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, and has been in Toronto, with his family, since 2008. Jason McLean, world stage
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World AIDS Day: Artists Unite

Today is World Aids Day. Scott Treleaven, Heartworms, 2004. Image: In light of this, there’s an exhibition we want you to know about in New York City, that runs from January 8 – 10, 2010 called Postcards from the Edge.

Loved: Michel de Broin’s Monument in Winnipeg

A new sculpture by the 2007 Sobey Award-winning Montreal artist Michel de Broin was unveiled in Winnipeg a few days ago. Michel de Broin, Monument, 2009. Image courtesy Denis Prieur. The granite work, titled Monument, is the inaugural sculpture for the Jardin de sculptures at Le Maison des artistes visuels francophones in Saint-Boniface, in Winnipeg. Up to 20 sculptures will
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Art and Design: Dealers who collect and artist Tony Oursler

Matthias Arndt and Tiffany Wood in their Berlin apartment. Image: This article about art dealers who collect design (is there anyone who doesn’t, anymore?) may leave you with a case of the too-coolies. Check out the article at ArtInfo HERE. VoCA thinks it’s time for a little (non-ironic) bad taste.

A Call for a Return to the Monumental in Art

Jerry Saltz, for one, bemoans the lack of good art being created and shown today, as do many other critics, VoCA included. The recent exhibition Unmonumental at the New Museum in New York (see VoCA post HERE) is a perfect example. As someone commented, it was art that’s being made for a market where people will buy anything. An installation
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VoCA predicts some art trends

VoCA predicts some trends. Look out for the following ten themes to break through in art in 2008: 1. INTERFACE DESIGN: David Rokeby, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Max Dean and others use computers and robotics in their art Body Movies, Relational Architecture No.6, by Rafael Lozano Hemmer 2. EXPERIENCE: Fear, exhiliration, taste. Gregor Schneider…the blurring of art with entertainment. Carsten Holler’s slides
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2 Articles: Beauty in Art & Seven Tips for Art Collectors

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