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Art is, Literally, Rubbish

You may remember the British artist Michael Landy from his piece Break Down, in which he destroyed all of his 7, 226 belongings, including his passport. Michael Landy’s Break Down, 2001. Image: It was a project for Artangel and took place in a vacant shop on Oxford Street, in central London. Needless to say, it was a pretty controversial
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Art and Shopping: Gagosian, Hirst, Art Metropole

Superstar art dealer Larry Gagosian is certainly tapped into the zeitgeist, with his high-profile stable of artists, mini-empire (New York, Beverly Hills, London, Rome, Hong Kong, Athens) and recently, with his new shop that sells multiples by big-name artists in New York. The shop is new for a dealer, but not so new for the art world. It began with
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News: Damien Hirst – No.1 in the Power 100

Science, the company behind Damien Hirst’s artistic production, marketing and publicity, is ranked number one in the seventh edition of ArtReview’s Power 100, distributed in the November 2008 issue of the contemporary art magazine. British Mega-Artist Damien Hirst. Image: In a year that began with the setting of new auction records for contemporary art and ended in global financial
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Headlines From Around the World Art Market

Since Damien Hirst made a killing in his Sotheby’s sale on the day that the US market dropped, there has been almost universal puzzlement over the future of the contemporary art market. Below are some conflicting headlines about the art market from the past few days – demonstrating that no one really knows what’s going on. Image: The Art
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“Art is what you can get away with” -Andy Warhol

Damien Hirst, The Explosion – Exalted, 2006. Image: VoCA loves reading FT art critic Jackie Wullschlager’s take on things. Here’s her take on Damien Hirst’s sale at Sotheby’s in London, which happens today. “Warhol..and Jeff Koons…were prophets of this collusion, but (Damien Hirst’s upcoming Sotheby’s sale) “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” is its apogee. It does not matter what
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News: Damien Hirst Auctions work (again) at Sotheby’s

At this point, everything Mr. Hirst does is worth taking note of by art world observers. Damien Hirst, the ultimate Art Star. Image: His latest endeavors, from the Pharmacy bar/restaurant in London’s Notting Hill that closed with an auction of its contents to his now infamous diamond-studded skull that he, along with a group of investors purchased from his
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Damien Hirst’ shenanigans

VoCA’s fasination with British artist Damien Hirst continues with a review of Toronto author Don Thompson’s book, The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art. Check it out HERE. Look for our review in an upcoming issue of Quill and Quire – we’ll post it on VoCA, too.

Oh, For the Love of God – The changing art market

VoCA loves the story of Damien Hirst and his skull, For the Love of God. Damien Hirst and his work, For the Love of God. Image: theaestheticpoetic.comBy managing his own career, Hirst is a pioneer in the way the art world is changing. He works with his dealer to control who buys his work, buying it back himself when necessary
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