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R.I.P Kananginak Pootoogook

The Inuit artist Kananginak Pootoogook has died. Kananginak Pootoogook A work by Kananginak Pootoogook. Image:

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Kent Monkman

Check out my piece on artist Kent Monkman’s home and studio in the current issue of Design Lines magazine. The studio, a former factory, was re-done by Jason Halter of boutique design firm Wonder Inc. You know Monkman for his traditionally painted landscapes into which he inserts contemporary figures of First Nations people, often doing rather unconventional things… Kent Monkman,
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Indians Meet Indians in Brantford, Ontario

There’s an interesting exhibition on up at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford, Ontario from 29 November 2009 – 22 January 2010. It’s only about an hour’s drive from Toronto and VIA Rail goes there, too. Bonnie Devine, Reclamation Project, 1995. Image: The show, organized in collaboration with Toronto’s SAVAC, brings together work by First Nations artists with work
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Thoughts on Art Criticism: Gopnik and Jungen

The Washington Post’s influential art critic, the Canadian Blake Gopnik, offers some thoughts on critical opinion. He is “quite certain that the works of…Canadian Brian Jungen are about as good as it gets in contemporary art,” he says. “I’m sure I must have been right. My memory and instincts tell me I was.” Brian Jungen, Prototype for New Understanding #1,
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Underrated Canadian artist: Walter Harris

“Art is my life, and the life of my people. I want my work…to live and carry on the rich tradition of our people. I have always felt the importance of passing on my knowledge and my skills….Our art connects us to our past and intertwines us in the present and makes way for the future.” First Nations artist Walter
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VoCA Recommends…Donigan Cummings, Halifax and Rebecca Belmore, Vancouver

1. DONIGAN CUMMINGS: EX VOTOS MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax 21 June-10 August 2008 One of Donigan Cumming’s collages. Image: Montreal-based artist Donigan Cumming is known for his staged portraits of the aging, ill and socially assisted poor, in the form of photographs, videos and, best of all, his photographic collages. Cumming’s work deliberately attacks the objectivity claimed by traditional
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VoCA Applauds….Brian Sholis on Brian Jungen in Art Forum.

“What separates true artistic development from mere rehashing?” asks Artforum’s Brian Sholis in his review of Canadian art star Brian Jungen’s new show at Casey Kaplan in New York. Artist Brian Jungen. Image: “Some artists focus exclusively upon a narrow set of concerns but manage to find nuanced and varied expressions of them. Jungen, though formally creative, seems to
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NEWS: Vancouver opens First Nations museum

The late Haida artist Bill Reid received the Order of British Columbia. Image: In Canada, the first time the work of contemporary indigenous artists made it into an art context was in 1965-67 when Doris Shadbolt, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, organized the groundbreaking exhibition, Arts of the Raven: Master Works of the Northwest.