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Times Are Tough in Art, Says NYT

“An art gallery is like a single-cell organism: it is the crudest but also the most essential life form in the art-world food chain. It is among the easiest of public forums to start up… Luanne Martineau, Gobbler, 2005. Image: …At the same time keeping a gallery going is usually fairly hard, and can seem impossibly daunting when sales
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Toronto: Multi-Perspective Art

Chamber Music: Mixed media works by Kenny Lee August 12 – 23, 2009 Launch Projects, Toronto We’ve been noticing, over the past few years, that more artists are looking at objects from varying perspectives. Barbara Probst, “Exposure #34A: N.Y.C., Central Park, Umpire Rock, 06.14.05, 6:34 p.m. ,” 2005. Image: Barbara Probst’s excellent photographs tackle an event from numerous points
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