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Should VoCA be More Critical? More Art Debate

The debate continues. Barnett Newman, Voice of Fire, 1967. Image: Yesterday, VoCA reader Earl Miller posted a comment HERE in response to the post ‘Should VoCA be More Critical?’ He says that, given the amount of ‘bad’ art in the world, it’s important as an art journalist to find art that he likes or feels is important, but flawed.
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Ferran Adria: The Picasso of Food

We’ve been intrigued for a while now by the cuisine of Ferran Adria, the Spanish chef for whom food seems a material with which to create a kind of conceptual art experience. Adria’s peach paper ‘tramontana’, 2005. Yes, it’s edible. Image: In honour of all the food that surrounds the holidays, we’ve linked HERE back to art critic Jerry
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