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News: Canada’s Art Revolutionary Strikes again (in Berlin)

Notorious performance artist Istvan Kantor was arrested yesterday at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, for causing a ruckus at the Joseph Beuys exhibition Die Revolution Sind Wir (We are the revolution). Two images from Kantor’s performance with MACHINESEXACTIONGROUP at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Toronto, 2004. Image: Kantor’s piece, a response to the title of the Beuys show, was
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Loved and Loathed: Oakville Galleries, Jessica Bradley, Susan Hobbs, Thrush Holmes

LOVED: VoCA hasn’t seen anything really mind-blowing lately, but then we still haven’t been to see the David Altmejd show at Oakville Galleries. Until we manage to get there, we recommend checking it out. David Altmejd, The Academy (birds), 2005. Image: We did really like Shary Boyle’s sculpture at Jessica Bradley Art & Projects in Toronto. Her figurines and
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