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Inside the Artist’s Studio: Kent Monkman

Check out my piece on artist Kent Monkman’s home and studio in the current issue of Design Lines magazine. The studio, a former factory, was re-done by Jason Halter of boutique design firm Wonder Inc. You know Monkman for his traditionally painted landscapes into which he inserts contemporary figures of First Nations people, often doing rather unconventional things… Kent Monkman,
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Loved vs. Loathed at the Drake Hotel

Well.  Last night I did a “Face the Critic” at the Drake, with Leah Sandals and Richard Vaughn and it was…interesting, to say the least. I didn’t feel able to properly articulate my views – there were some big personalities in the room. But I learned a lot, and it’s always good to have your foundations shaken a little. Brendan
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Face the Critic! Tonight at the Drake Hotel, Toronto

Join us TONIGHT for a FREE evening of art criticism as Leah Sandals, RM Vaughn and myself debate works by Judy Chicago, Kent Monkman and Vanessa Beecroft, among others. Loved vs. Loathed. A Louis Vuitton-inspired work by Vanessa Beecroft. Art?…..or hype? Image: Are you ready? More HERE.

Ten in Ten: VoCA’s Cultural Wish List for 2010

Rather than a list of ‘best of’ from 2009, which has already been done by Sarah Milroy in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere, here is a list of things that we’d like to see happen in the Canadian cultural landscape in 2010. Brendan Flanagan, Tar Pit. Image: 1. More museum/gallery collaborations across the country – like the Art
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Explaining the Winnipeg Art Scene: Part Two

Here is part two of fascinating article written by former Winnipegger Edwin Janzen, an artist and writer currently based in Ottawa. The article was previously published in Drain magazine – you can read the full article ,HERE, (under Related Essays) or click HERE for previous posts on VoCA. Stay tuned as we publish it serially, every week. The City of
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News, Views and Previews

1. NEWS: CALGARY Dennis Oppenheim’s sculpture, Device to Root out Evil moves to Calgary from Vancouver. Dennis Oppenheim, Device to Root out Evil. Image: Originally celebrated by the Vancouver Sculpture Biennale and arguably the most valuable piece of public art in Vancouver, Oppenheim’s compelling 22-foot glass, steel and aluminum structure became more than the Vancouver Public Parks Committee could
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