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News: Françoise Sullivan Wins Gershon Iskowitz Prize

Luis Jacob, A Dance for Those of Us Whose Hearts Have Turned to Ice, Based on the Choreography of Françoise Sullivan and the Sculpture of Barbara Hepworth (With Sign-Language Supplement), 2007. Image: Françoise Sullivan’s rather significant contribution to visual arts in Canada was re-acknowledged by artist Luis Jacob when he referenced her in his video installation A Dance for
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Nuit Blanche Toronto: Critic’s Picks (Part One) Project Blinkenlights, Luis Jacob, Jillian McDonald

We now know what this year’s 4 curators have planned for this year’s Nuit Blanche Toronto, which will take place on the night of OCTOBER 4, 2008. Click HERE for the full list Here are the first of VoCA picks for the night. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks. ZONE A: Curated by Gordon Hatt. 1. Without Persons,
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