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Explaining the Winnipeg Art Scene: Part Three

Here is part three of fascinating article written by former Winnipegger Edwin Janzen, an artist and writer currently based in Ottawa. The article was previously published in Drain magazine – you can read the full article, HERE, (under Related Essays) or click HERE for last week’s post on VoCA. Stay tuned as we publish it serially, every week. Winnipeg band
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Canadian Artists Abroad: Janet Cardiff, Royal Art Lodge

1. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller 31 July – 28 September 2008 The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, The Killing Machine, 2007. Image:

Report from New York: Loved & Loathed

LOVED: -CAI GUO QIANG AT THE GUGGENHEIM. What was not to love about this exhibition? The large atrium of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most beautiful building was filled top to bottom with eight white non-descript Chryslers spouting flashing, mulitcoloured tubes of light. Inopportune: Stage One, 2004 was meant to simulate a car bombing, the installation instead came off as celebratory. In
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