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VoCA Recommends…Dean Drever, Blood Sweat & Tears and Ryan Sluggett et al

1. Dean Drever: Bear Minimum Michael Klien Gallery, Toronto August 2 – 30, 2008 Dean Drever, She Loves Me She Loves Me Not (Bullets). Image: Dean Drever continues his examination of power and violence in this show, which takes as a theme the Kodiak bear. Drever is a member of the Haida Nation and Haida culture acknowledges the bear
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Is Quebec the new Vancouver?

Between Quebec City and Montreal, La Belle Province’s cozy little art scene is where it’s happening. Here’s only a partial glimpse of what’s on: COLLECTIVE: BGL – They’re about to launch a project on the lower Don river in Toronto for No. 9 (Stay tuned for VoCA’s report early next week) Click HERE for their website. The installation of BGL’s
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Art fought the law, and Art won

Canada’s rising art star Michel de Broin (who VoCA spoke to HERE) has won his appeal against the city, which issued driver Dean Baldwin a ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle. Michel de Broin’s Shared Propulsion Car, 2005. Image:

Manitoba Arts and Culture Week

Manitoba Arts and Culture Week: March 8 – 15 Manitoba arts and culture week is a week-long showcase of arts and cultural activities. Dance, theatre, music and the visual arts are celebrated throughout the province. Here are some interesting exhibitions on in Manitoba: For the full schedule, please click HERE. 1. ALICIA POPOFF: PRAIRIE MEDITATION at the Ken Segal Gallery.
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