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Manhattan: Museum Marathon Part Two – Paul McCarthy WS

It’s taken me a while to digest the enormous, grotesque installation that California artist Paul McCarthy has installed at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, and that I travelled to New York a few weeks ago to see. The exhibition flyer. Image: It is certainly an amazing installation, it’s like being in a film set. It’s completely excessive and I
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New York, New York

So we went to New York for five days last weekend. It was the usual late August hot, humid weather but we had two amazing art experiences that made it all entirely worthwhile. 1. Big Bambu on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum. Doug and Mike Starn’s 40-foot high bamboo structure exemplifies what I always say about artists that do
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VoCA Goes to New York!

Image: And we’ll be back soon with reports on Doug and Mike Starn’s Big Bambu at the Met and Dia Beacon, among other things…stay tuned.

Report from New York

We saw two exhibitions in New York recently: Giorgio Morandi at the Metropolitan Museum and After Nature at the New Museum. Giorgio Morandi, Still Life (Natura morta), 1961. Image: Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) September 16–December 14, 2008 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The Morandi was excellent. We kept thinking of Plato’s theory of Forms, which are described as
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Coming up…Report from New York

Julian Schnabel’s Rose Bar, part of his interior at the Grammercy Park Hotel, where we’ll be having cocktails. Image: There’s a great interview with Mr. Schnabel in Art Review. Click HERE and download the digital mag, free.

Report from New York: Part Two

1. GUSTAV KLIMT AT THE NEUE GALERIE – We were really looking forward to seeing the Klimt painting – Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907) – that Ronald Lauder bought for $135 million and that is prominently displayed as the centerpiece of the current exhibition of mostly prepatory drawings at the Neue Galerie. Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907. Image:
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Report from New York: Part One

Javier Téllez, Production still from Letter on the Blind For the Use of Those Who See, 2007. Image: 1. THE WHITNEY BIENNALE – VoCA says – thank god for Javier Tellez! His video Letter on the Blind For the Use of Those Who See (2007), which premieres at this year’s Whitney, showed a group of blind people experiencing an
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On the Whitney Biennnale 2008

The show confirms impressions of a new, gray mood among younger artists, one at odds with the recent prevalence in international art of both commercial glitz and festivalist brass. Call it a decline in producer confidence… Read the article by the New Yorker’s Peter Schjeldahl HERE