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Canada’s best young painters 2008? Part Two

Over the next three days, VoCA will be featuring work by all fifteen semi-finalists in Canada’s RBC Painting Competition. In the meantime, here is the second group of finalists, continued from below (in alphabetical order.) Who do you think should win? Let VoCA know! (Post comment below) Emmy Skensved, Mirror, 2008. Image:

News: RBC Painting Competition shortlist

The RBC Canadian Painting Competition, a barometer of emerging painters from across the country, has announced this year’s shortlist. Eli Bornowsky, Untitled 2008. Image:

VoCA loves…Miltos Manetas

Indulge your inner Jackson Pollock…go on… Click HERE and start painting! Jackson Pollock painting in his studio, Springs, New York, 1949. Image: From Dazed Digital: A Greek-born, London-based artist, Manetas explores the worlds of computers through everything from oil paintings of cables and hardware to video pieces featuring Tomb Raider and Super Mario, which he uses to comic effect.
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