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Book Review: Emily Carr – From the Forest to the Sea

A strong affinity for the natural beauty of western Canada and First Nations culture is clearly visible in the work of Emily Carr, one of Canada’s best-loved artists. Her point of view resonates strongly today, and it seems to have inspired this fresh take on her work, edited by Ian Dejardin, director of London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery, and Sarah Milroy,
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Kim Dorland vs. Tom Thomson & the Group of Seven

I went up to the opening of a new exhibition at Toronto’s McMichael Gallery today. The exhibition was called You are here: Kim Dorland and the Return to Painting and it’s on until January 5th, 2014. I recommend you make the trip to see it. It’s a big exhibition, and there’s lots to see. There’s also another exhibition there, by
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Paris: Gerhard Richter at the Pompidou

This was a fantastic show. The Pompidou is such a great venue – somehow even the crowds don’t take away from the experience. Having seen the documentary Gerhard Richter: Painting, I was aware of the process that he uses to make the squeegee painting – it involves a lot of thinking and waiting – it was wonderful to see many
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In the Studio with Julie Gladstone

I came across the work of artist Julie Gladstone when I was perusing the aisles of the Artist Project for potential artists to showcase on Artbomb. Artist Julie Gladstone. All images: VoCA I immediately liked the unconventional colour in her work, lots of pale minty colours jolted alive with fluorescent spray paint and then brought together with strips of striped
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Woven Paintings: VoCA Visits Rob Davidovitz

I stopped by the studio of young painter Rob Davidovitz the other afternoon. Rob doesn’t paint in the traditional sense, though. Instead he uses paint to create these textile/painting hybrids. A woven painting by Rob Davidovitz. All images: VoCA He mixes paint colours in a kind of pastry tube (more on that below) and squeezes it out in long lines,
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Alice Neel on Painting

Whether I’m painting or not, I have this overweening interest in humanity. Even if I’m not working, I’m still analyzing people. -Alice Neel

Should VoCA be More Critical?

Dear VoCA readers, Should VoCA be more critical? I’m starting to feel (again) that Toronto is one big artistic love-in, when the fact is that a lot of art being made today is just not very good. (Thank you Jerry Saltz for backing me up on this.) The danger is that really good work is being sidelined at the expense
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Art Gallery as Theatre: Goodwater, Toronto

Although it’s the common model, art galleries don’t need to be commercially-driven. In Toronto, many galleries have a hard time, since the market for contemporary work isn’t strong compared to cities like London and New York. The current work by painter Elizabeth McIntosh on view at Goodwater. Image courtesy goodwater gallery. But that’s why alternative models present possibilities that are
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VoCA Recommends…Andrew Rucklidge

Andrew Rucklidge: The Fringes April 3 – 25, 2009 Michael Gibson Gallery, London Ontario Andrew Rucklidge, Accumulation Zone – Surging Glacier, 2008. Image: There’s something about Andrew Rucklidge’s paintings…it’s their grand, otherworldly energy, the way they refer to something greater and the way you could keep looking at them for hours. They just feel incredibly modern and more importantly,
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VoCA Recommends…Harold Edgerton and New Culture in Toronto, Bruce Head in Winnipeg

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto Dyed Roots: The New Emergence of Culture September 9 – October 26, 2008 This beautiful exhibition, curated by Camilla Singh in the difficult space of MoCCA, presents “the intermingling of cultures…considered as a natural consequence of immigration and travel.” Rina Banerjee, Crib sculpture. Image: The show’s title refers to intrinsic qualities that persist
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