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The Recession: Best or Worst for Art?

In the current issue of VoCA’s favorite magazine, Art + Auction, Jori Finkel tries – without success – to present an opposing argument to what we have been saying for months (along with other critics, including the fabulous New Yorkers Holland Cotter and Jerry Saltz): That the economic shakedown is the best thing that could have happened to the art
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What do Homeless Artists do? (They Make a Statement)

So we received this email yesterday: UNEMPLOYED ARTIST USES REMAINING CASH AS MEDIUM FOR ECONOMIC STATEMENT April 15, 2009: A casualty of the 2008 economic crisis, unemployed conceptual artist Brian Rushton Phillips, has chosen to use his remaining cash to create a response to the current downturn and his own financial uncertainty. Rushton Phillips, Financial Security (Blanket), 2009. Admittedly,
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Thoughts on the Art Economy

The more we’ve been thinking about the current state of the art market, the more we’re growing tired of it. Now that the economy is providing a much-needed shakedown in the art world, VoCA says it’s time to re-think where the value of art stems from. Value doesn’t come from some clever young art school grad who comes up with
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