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Canadian Artists Abroad: Reverse Pedagogy in Ireland

The nomadic art school Reverse Pedagogy moves to The Model Satellite in Sligo, Ireland. The project will bring together artists from Canada, Iceland and parts of Ireland and will culminate in a visual art exhibition opening on Friday 25th September. Reverse Pedagogy in Banff, Alberta. Image: From the Model::Niland blog, which is maintained by the Model Arts and Niland
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Pointlessness and Relevance in Art

At first glance, you can’t help but wonder about the point of it all. A group of artists travel to the world’s biggest art party to…well, party, paddle around in canoes, drink lots of prosecco and generally live it up in a rambling palazzo. Oh yes, and make whatever ‘art’ takes their fancy. The Canadian off-pavilion contribution, Reverse Pedagogy, was
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