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The VAG move: Roy Arden Responds

There’s a brou-ha-ha brewing in Vancouver over the Vancouver Art Gallery’s proposed move. Some Vancouverites have suggested that the VAG should not move, but instead remain – with an expansion – in its downtown location. The VAG. Image: Earlier this month, the Vancouver Sun posted an article written by the late Abraham Rogatnick, a professor at the school of
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VoCA Recommends…Samuel Roy-Bois, Caroline Dukes, Roy Arden

1. SAMUEL ROY-BOIS: Let us, then, be up and doing; With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, Still pursuing; Learn to labor and to wait Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver June 13 – August 24, 2008 Samuel Roy-Bois, J’ai entendu un bruit, je me suis sauvé/I heard a noise and I ran, 2003. Image: ARTIST TALK: Thursday, July 24th
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