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The Importance of Nature: Art on Film

I’ve been thinking a lot about nature lately. Particularly since the activist fashion designer Vivienne Westwood started promoting a petition “to adopt legislation to prohibit, prevent and pre-empt ecocide – the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems,” in the EU. Susumu Shingu, Luminous River, 2009. Image: Jeanne Bucher. I think we should start a similar petition
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Costa Rican Art: Erika Stanley at Galeria Valanti

There’s all kinds of art out there. One of the things that I find so exciting and inspiring about my new project ARTBOMB is seeing art by such varied artists, from the not-so-art-educated to the very highly educated. There is an enormous range of work, which is what makes art (as a language) so incredible and potentially mind-opening. All work
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VoCA Featured in ELLE Magazine!

I’m happy to report that VoCA is featured in this month’s issue of ELLE Canada. The article on art collecting, subtitled ‘How to turn your living room into un petit Louvre’, is by Katie Addleman. The March issue of ELLE Canada. Image: In the article, she says: “A better bet is to spend on the established by still young:
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VoCA Recommends….Three Things in the New Year

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Nul/Flirting with the Puck 2008. Image: 1. Kinetic works by the former Sobey Art Prize winner Jean-Pierre Gauthier at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia from December 18, 2009 to March 15, 2010. A drawing by Dan Perjovschi. Image: 2. The curators at the ROM finally see the light and bring in Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi
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Loathed: Richard Serra’s Shift Endangered Again

This summer, VoCA set off to find a hidden sculpture by the great American sculptor Richard Serra, which was installed almost 40 years ago in a field near King City, outside of Toronto.  Read our earlier post about the piece HERE. Shift, in wintertime. Image: Image: Now, according to the Globe and Mail, “an important and controversial vote
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Loved: Bruno Billio + Gaetano Pesce

Bruno Billio, Samba Mochet, 2002. Image courtesy the artist. We love this sculpture by Toronto artist Bruno Billio.  It’s made from a carpet and 2 pairs of old Adidas Samba trainers.  It’s very suggestive, it’s funny, it’s sculptural and it’s simple.  We love how Billio is always re-thinking the most common materials. Only an Italian would have made it.

Report on London: Kapoor, Metzger, Kiefer

It’s art fair season, and VoCA was in London but opted out of the crowded, frenzied booths of Frieze and Zoo, choosing instead to focus on silent, monumental, brave and important art in the galleries. We also went to Copenhagen – but more on that soon. Anish Kapoor, Svayambh. Image: In London, our favorite thing was the Anish Kapoor
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Loved: Michel de Broin’s Monument in Winnipeg

A new sculpture by the 2007 Sobey Award-winning Montreal artist Michel de Broin was unveiled in Winnipeg a few days ago. Michel de Broin, Monument, 2009. Image courtesy Denis Prieur. The granite work, titled Monument, is the inaugural sculpture for the Jardin de sculptures at Le Maison des artistes visuels francophones in Saint-Boniface, in Winnipeg. Up to 20 sculptures will
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Sculpture in Nature: Georgian Bay, Ontario

VoCA went to Georgian Bay this past weekend, and we were surprised to discover a work of contemporary art sitting on a rock overlooking the water. Robert Murray, Pointe au Baril II, 2003. Image: Scott Barker The sculpture is by the artist Robert Murray, who has a cottage nearby and sits next to a lighthouse that marks the original township/community
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Toronto: Multi-Perspective Art

Chamber Music: Mixed media works by Kenny Lee August 12 – 23, 2009 Launch Projects, Toronto We’ve been noticing, over the past few years, that more artists are looking at objects from varying perspectives. Barbara Probst, “Exposure #34A: N.Y.C., Central Park, Umpire Rock, 06.14.05, 6:34 p.m. ,” 2005. Image: Barbara Probst’s excellent photographs tackle an event from numerous points
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