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Art & Urbanism

Douglas Coupland’s Digital Orca in Vancouver. Image: This Thursday, I’ll be at the Sustainable Suburbs conference in Toronto. While it’s not about art, it will feature many architects and urban planners discussing the future of our communities, which has an impact on art.

Architecture: Vote for the Pug Awards!

Vote now for your favorite – or least favorite – buildings in Toronto! The Toronto skyline. Image: The Pug Awards, the people’s choice awards for architecture, celebrate the best in Toronto architecture and planning. Register and then decide what you love, like or hate. Right HERE.

Toronto: Daniel Libeskind Set to Strike Again

Given the recent kerfuffle over Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum being voted worst of the decade’s architecture by the Washington Post, VoCA would love to have your thoughts on the new condo that Daniel Libeskind is designing for downtown Toronto: And a daylight shot. Image: WE FOUND AN IMAGE OF A MORE RECENT RENDERING – it’s the one on the
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Urban Design: Toronto Steps Up

“Toronto is only beginning to evolve in the design of public space…the city feels like it was designed by the public works department.” The UQAM Residences, in Montreal. Image: VoCA Yes it does and it’s a real shame that it’s taking so long. After being in Montreal over the holidays, where the UQAM buildings off Sherbrooke are invigorating, challenging, high
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Let’s be Creative with Architectural Destruction

LOATHED: THIS article by Toronto architecture critic Christopher Hume tells of a developer who skirted the law by hiring thugs to deface a building that was slated for heritage protection. Now the building can’t be designated, so he’s able to just tear it down. Gordon Matt-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1974-5. Image: Such little respect for our architectural heritage is astounding.
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On Museums…

In light of the recent awarding, to Art Gallery of Ontario Director Matthew Tietelbaum, of the annual MOCCA award – $20,000 that recognizes a Canadian active in the art world for a contribution of “national or international significance”, a blog entry from seems relevant. In it, Richard Lacayo writes about the “emergency de-accessioning” (bailouts for museums) that is emerging
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