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The Directed Lie: A Visit with Artist Paulette Phillips

The other day, I visited artist Paulette Phillips at her home in Toronto, to be interviewed for her upcoming artwork. Called The Directed Lie, it involved being put to the test – the lie detector test. Me with Paulette Phillips, undergoing the polygraph. All images: Scott Barker/VoCA Phillips has trained as a professional polygraph technician in the United States, and
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Art Meets Fashion – Jeremy Laing Curates!

Fashion designer Jeremy Laing, it turns out, is also an avid art collector. Jeremy Laing’s exhibition. Sign by Derek Sullivan. Image: VoCA I discovered this on Saturday of the Toronto International Art Fair, when I led a tour for the Canadian Art Foundation’s young patron group, the New Contemporaries, and Laing took the time to show us around the installation
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Sculpture Speaks Volumes: David Armstrong Six

We stopped by Redbull 381 Projects in Toronto last night to take in an intriguing installation by Montreal artist David Armstrong Six, titled The Law of the Excluded Middle. David Armstrong Six, The Law of the Excluded Middle. All images: VoCA

The New Art Gallery of Ontario: Part One

Sure, the newly renovated Art Gallery of Ontario is all about the architecture, expertly done by Frank Gehry in a way that makes up for the ROM debacle, but what about the art? As we wandered the lower floor galleries, we were continually surprised, mostly in a positive way. Lord Thomson’s donations have been given pride of place. His collection
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