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The Archive of Modern Conflict: CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto

This year’s CONTACT photography festival kicked off with a bang at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised by this year’s show, Collected Shadows: Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC). An arrangement of images on the deep purple wall at MOCCA: Image: VoCA I had never heard of the AMC, even though it is Toronto
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The Royal Ontario Museum: Impressive?

We snuck in on the final day to see the Cut/Paste: Creative Reuse in Canadian Design show at the Royal Ontario Museum this past weekend, and, while the huge gallery spaces overwhelmed the design objects on display, there were a few things of particular interest, like objects that prison inmates had ingeniously cobbled together: water-boilers and crudely made toaster, to
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The Museum: A Doc on the ROM

“This is a story of a man’s ambition: for a museum, for a city, and ultimately, for himself…” Thus begins The Museum, Kenton Vaughn’s insider glimpse into Daniel Libeskind’s controversial extension to Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum. The documentary, which is released on dvd this weekend, is a revealing look at the process of building the ROM crystal, from the hubris
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