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Underrated Canadian Artist: Takao Tanabe

Takao Tanabe was born in British Columbia in 1926 and was interned with other Japanese-Canadians in BC during World War II.  He studied in Winnipeg, London and Toyko, and in New York at the Brooklyn Museum Art School where he was taught by the famous German-born American abstract expressionist painter Hans Hoffman. The artist Takao Tanabe. Image: Takao Tanabe
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Wil Murray speaks!

Wil Murray: the strange space that will keep us together At the Belkin Satellite Art Gallery, Vancouver 8 March to 6 April 2008 Wil Murray, Casual Friday Morning Coming Down, 2007. Image: We’ve got to say it: VoCA loves Wil Murray’s paintings! A novel mix between painting, sculpture and collage, with echoes of Jessica Stockholder, James Rosenquist and Rauschenberg,
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