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Pointlessness and Relevance in Art

At first glance, you can’t help but wonder about the point of it all. A group of artists travel to the world’s biggest art party to…well, party, paddle around in canoes, drink lots of prosecco and generally live it up in a rambling palazzo. Oh yes, and make whatever ‘art’ takes their fancy. The Canadian off-pavilion contribution, Reverse Pedagogy, was
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Two Summer Exhibitions: Quebec & Halifax

Confluences: Rencontre entre Montreal et le Bas-Saint-Laurent June 14 – 13 September, 2009 Musee Regionale de Rimouski Should you find yourself in Quebec this summer, this exhibition seeks to bring together a rencontre between Montreal and the lower St. Lawrence. The show looks promising! Guillaume Lachapelle, Manege 16, 2004-06. Image: Featuring work by 13 artists (who you may not
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Underrated Canadian Artist: Graham Peacock

Painter Graham Peacock has been teaching painting at the University of Alberta since 1969, when he arrived in Canada from England. Graham Peacock, Valor, 2003. Image: Perhaps not strictly speaking underrated, Peacock has been exhibiting throughout Canada on a regular basis since 1971. In 2003 he had an exhibition of recent work at the New New Painting Museum in
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