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News: Françoise Sullivan Wins Gershon Iskowitz Prize

Luis Jacob, A Dance for Those of Us Whose Hearts Have Turned to Ice, Based on the Choreography of Françoise Sullivan and the Sculpture of Barbara Hepworth (With Sign-Language Supplement), 2007. Image: Françoise Sullivan’s rather significant contribution to visual arts in Canada was re-acknowledged by artist Luis Jacob when he referenced her in his video installation A Dance for
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First Ever Online Database of Canadian Women Artists

Nobody has systematically collected data on the women who historically contributed to Canadian art, architecture and craft. Until now. Self-Portrait, by Lilias Torrance Newton, 1929. Newton was the first Canadian painter to paint the portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Image: Several weeks ago in Montreal, Concordia’s Canadian Women Artists History Initiative (CWAHI) held a symposium called Connections,
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