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Four Canadian Women Artists to Watch (And One Man)

The Walrus magazine ran a good piece recently, highlighting five Canadian artists to watch. I was immediately intrigued, since it was great visual art coverage in a mainstream publication and FOUR of the five were women artists. Melanie Authier. Image: MARC FOWLER/ One of Melanie Authier’s paintings. Image: I spoke with art director Brian Morgan who wrote and developed
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Kim Dorland vs. Tom Thomson & the Group of Seven

I went up to the opening of a new exhibition at Toronto’s McMichael Gallery today. The exhibition was called You are here: Kim Dorland and the Return to Painting and it’s on until January 5th, 2014. I recommend you make the trip to see it. It’s a big exhibition, and there’s lots to see. There’s also another exhibition there, by
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Flying Limbs: VoCA visits Josh Malcolm

I visited artist Josh Malcolm in his studio this afternoon. His large oils on canvas were everywhere, and I found them very intriguing. They are very high energy – Malcolm says he’s inspired by European and American expressionist painting. But they’re quite different, and quite challenging. At first glance, they looked, to me very modern…but sort of unfinished. In the
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One to Watch: Brendan Flanagan

Recently decamped from Toronto’s excellent Le Gallery to Angell, we like Brendan Flanagan’s ‘jolie laide’ aesthetic. We also like how his modelly use of paint bears some similarity to the Group of Seven‘s thick sketches. And we think this young painter is one to watch. Brendan Flanagan, Owl, 2009. Acrylic enamel on wood. Image: Glenn Brown, Some Velvet Morning
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Canada’s best young painters 2008? Part Two

Over the next three days, VoCA will be featuring work by all fifteen semi-finalists in Canada’s RBC Painting Competition. In the meantime, here is the second group of finalists, continued from below (in alphabetical order.) Who do you think should win? Let VoCA know! (Post comment below) Emmy Skensved, Mirror, 2008. Image:

Canada’s best young painters 2008? Part One

VoCA features work by all fifteen semi-finalists in Canada’s RBC Painting Competition – see below. Amanda Reeves, Untitled 03 2008. Image: Here is the first group of finalists, (in – almost – alphabetical order.) The second and third groups of finalists will come in the next few days…winner to be announced by Governor General Michaelle Jean in September 2008
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